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PEAP with MSM765 and Windows XP SP3

Julio Cassettez
Occasional Contributor

PEAP with MSM765 and Windows XP SP3

Hello Everyone!

I have a pair of MSM765 wireless controllers and a bunch of MSM430 AP's I'm trying to configure. I have a couple of VSC's and I'm using the controller for authentication but not access control. Things work great when I use pre-shared keys for authentication. Users can obtain an IP address and get to things.

When I try switching one of the VSC's to use 802.1x for authentication, I cannot associate anymore. I run wireshark on the client, and I see the client sends an "EAPOL Start" then the client receives an "EAP Request Identity" message that contains the name of the VSC. The Windows XP client seems to ignore that and starts sending DHCP Discover messages. And we just repeat this over and over again.

I've tried a bunch of settings on the Windows XP client, but no luck. Am I missing something? Should the "EAP Request Identity" contain the name of the VSC?

This seems like more of a Windows XP issue, I think. But any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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Re: PEAP with MSM765 and Windows XP SP3

Hi Julio,


I have the exact same problem.

Were you able to solve it?





Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Re: PEAP with MSM765 and Windows XP SP3

This document should help with setup and configuration of 802.1x authentication. It also has a section on enabling accounting, troubleshooting and example error conditions.