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Problem 3crwdr200a-75

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Problem 3crwdr200a-75

I buy 3crwdr200a-75 second hand.I find Problem Led Alert is on.It's not connect to router DHCP and manual.I push reset don't work please Help me Please!

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Re: Problem 3crwdr200a-75

The Alert light being ON has 2 reasons

1- No Firmware on the router ( someone pushed the reset button for too long )

2- Self test failure.

Download latest firmware for the router fro m3com website and use a Fixed IP on your PC of

Try to connect to, if you get the router Emergency page, you can upload the firmware all over again to it and DHCP will work again, if you do not get that page, the router is faulty and you are better off sending back to whom you bought it off. :-(

Hope this helps

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....