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Problem with VSC

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Problem with VSC



My client has the next configuration:


2 MSM 760 using teaming -  Software Version 6.2.0

81 MSM 460 APs correctly synchronized with the Controller distributed around different geographic locations


I have created 2 networks:


Corporative VSC: Use controller for authentication, WPA2 Password. 

Guest VSC: Use controller for authentication, access control and is using Portal with a simple Guest user.


I was all working allright.


My client wants to replicate the same configuration to every geographic location, right now we got 40 VSC created (20 Corporative and 20 Guest) and there are 2 Guests VSC that are assignating Wrong IPs (Vlan 1 IPs), i have checked and the Egress Vlan is correct.


Any suggestion would be appreciated, im not sure if it would be a good idea to upgrade to 6.3.0, any reccomendation?

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Re: Problem with VSC

Are you using the "Extend VSC egress subnet to VSC ingress subnet" option under the VSC configuration? Is the egress VLAn mapping configured at the VSC level ?


For teaming, that is the recommended configuration for IP address allocation