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Problems adopting MSM422 AP's with 765zl controllers

Paul Woolnough
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Problems adopting MSM422 AP's with 765zl controllers


Am in the process of setting up two MSM 765zl wireless controllers which are in our core switches - 8212 procurve switches.

Have setup teaming on the LAN port and the Internet port has a combination of local AP's (MSM-422's) on the directly attached subnet and remote AP's on another site (layer 3 link between core switch and other site).

Am having problems getting the controller to adopt the access points which are locally attached and the remote AP's do not appear to be seeing the controllers - nor even picking up an IP address from our M'soft DHCP server (ip helper is configured properly).

Have originally setup custom Colubris option attribute in DHCP for the teamed address and two physical addresses, though then found some contradicting advice in the Mgt & Cfg guide (suggesting just physical's). Have setup correct IP settings on DHCP server inc domain name, dns servers and default gateway. Additionally setup service-controller-1.. 2 and 3 in DNS for the correct domain name. Tried changing DNS entries for service-controller and Colubris DHCP option to IP addresses on internet segment.

Have tried manually setting the provisioning on the AP's - no luck, though the AP reported 'Provisioned'. AP's were flicking between detected/inactive/Waiting for acceptance.

So.... have got two problems, not getting locally attached AP's adopted (to push config/upgrade s/ware on AP) and additionally remote AP's not picking up IP addresses and consequently seeing the controllers.

Any ideas?

Does the teamed port HAVE to be used for managing AP's?

Is it Ok to have this on the LAN interface when the local AP's are on the internet port? Both subnets are routable so there is no comms issues.

An sensible help would be appreciated.

Paul Woolnough

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