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Problems with HP 560 AP and iphone x

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Problems with HP 560 AP and iphone x

I have the following problem. Our first iphone x (IOS 11.3) is unable to do a successfull  4-Way EAPOL handshake, with our HP 560 AP (firmware The log shows "Received EAPOL key frame with a bad MIC result from client". The WLAN is configured with WPA2 personal (preshared key).

I already did a packet trace and the response frame (2nd frame in the handshake) of the iphone, which is not accepted by the AP,  loooks ok. But I have no means to verify the correctness of the MIC in the response.

With all laptops and other phones I have no problems in this place. Also this iphone works quite well in another location with an ARUBA 325 AP.

Are there any known problems in this configuration.

Has the preshared key any role in the calculation of the MIC. (because this is quite full of strange characters and symbols)


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Re: Problems with HP 560 AP and iphone x

For anybody with similar problems. I found the culprit. It was the greek letter "µ", which was contained in the preshared key. Apparently IOS and the HP MSM APs use different codepages to map this greek letter. (It does work with any Windows PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone and with Linux without problems.)

I exchanged this letter against another - non greek - letter and everything started to work smoothly.

Interestingly my other special symbols did not make any problem.

So problem solved.