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Provisioning APs from the controller

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Provisioning APs from the controller

This is my first time working with HP Wireless gear. I inherited a MSM760 controller with a bunch of MSM 325 Access Points at multiple sites. I'm looking to be able to provision access points right from the controller. Currently we are hooking the APs up to a DHCP server, letting it get an address, then going into the web interface of the AP itself to provision it.


When I go to provision the accesss point from the controller it tells me I have to click the check box that states "Replace any existing AP provisioning with controller-based provisioning settings". I looked the documenation, but I can't seem to find any information on what exactly this si going to do to existing AP's. We have a bunch of them at remote sites that if they went down, it would be a bad day. Is this going to wipe the configs of exististing AP's? What do I need to look out for if I enable this option? 


Thank you in advance.