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Public Access Attributes and ACL question?

Cajuntank MS
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Public Access Attributes and ACL question?

Ok, here's my basic setup. I have a MSM765 mobility controller with an access controlled VSC using HTML authentication for guests. I am using the Internet port for this traffic which in turn is on a DMZ off of my firewall. I have firewall and NAT turned off on the MSM controller. My LAN port is being used for another VSC (not access controlled)  for my internal LAN and I have a ACL on the controller that denies that subnet. So something like:


factory, DENY, all,,all


This config works great for me with the exception of I need to provide access to my email server over 443 on my LAN. I created another ACL


factory, ACCEPT, all,, all


and placed it before the DENY statement above (I was using "all" to keep it plain before I specified tcp and 443 for protocol and port; however, while I could ping the server, I could not browse to it. The email server is using a public certificate from Digicert and I mention this just because of some reading that maybe I might need to import their certificate chain into the controller? Anyway, if anyone can point me in the right direction, that would help.