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Question for "client data tunnel" in MSM760

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Question for "client data tunnel" in MSM760



i have a question, when i activate "authentication + access control" in a VSC.

Can i use and activate the "client data tunnel" option without use a authenticated's method (html-based...)

I'm want to do this because i have a third party web authentication box, it's a Ucopia.

The MSM is in the coorporate site but the wireless client is in a another agency (see infra.jpeg), connected with a vpn.

I want all wifi client traffic passes through without authentication to the UCOPIA.


It's possible with client data tunnel option without authenticated method in the MSM ?





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Re: Question for "client data tunnel" in MSM760



From the MSM help file:


Client data tunnel
(Only available when Access control is enabled.)

When a VSC is access-controlled, client traffic that is sent between the AP and controller can be carried in the client data tunnel.


Access control is available only if the controller is used for authentication as well.


The point is how MSMs work. If you do not use Access control, the AP passes the client data directly to the LAN, it doesn't send it to the controller at all. And to use the controller for AC requires that you use it also for authentication.


However when you configure your VSC for Auth & AC, nobody forces you to actually configure any of the available authentication methods. The client traffic will still be passed through the controller as long as you choose Auth & AC in the VSC settings, so client data tunnel is available.


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