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Question on configuring MSM760 Controller

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Question on configuring MSM760 Controller


I'm going to configure this controller soon and I have to make a descision wheter to use Access controlled VCS or just the authentication mode. As I've seen in the guide if you choose Access Controll mode - DHCP Relay function is not available, but do I need this funtion if it will be configured on the core swithes? For example, there will be couple of VCSs with different SSID, and the users connecting to each SSID should have to get ip-address from their vlans ip pool.

And another question, does Access Controll mode mean that every packet of information going out and into the users device will go through the controller?

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Richard Litchfield
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Re: Question on configuring MSM760 Controller

Access-controlled means that all traffic associated with that VSC goes to the controller. This is often referred to as a centralised model. In the distributed, or optimised model, traffic is placed in the relevant VLAN locally at the AP - it doesn't go through the controller at all.

You can have both types of VSCs (with their associated SSIDs) running concurrently. You might have staff with an optimised local config, and guests with a centralised, access-controlled VSC.