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RF Manager, MSM415 sensors, MSM410 APs with MSM765zl

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RF Manager, MSM415 sensors, MSM410 APs with MSM765zl

Hi All,

I have a set up with 30+ MSM410 APs working off a MSM765zl. I am trying to configure an RF Manager and MSM415 sensors, following the manual to set up Sensor only mode. All APs, Sensors, controller and RF manager have their management IP on the same subnet. I do have wireless vlans for user traffic and accordingly all APs are connected to switchports untagged for management vlan and tagged on wireless vlans. Sensors switchports have only management vlan untagged.

RF Manager is running code 5.9 and APs and controllers have latest code.

Rf Manager / sensors detect MSM410s as external, not connected to the wired network. In this environment, where I have all devices on same subnet / L2, why should RF manager not able to detect APs as connecting to the network?

Also some of the MSM410 APs are detected as Xerox devices (thus wrong wireless mac addresses).

Response from tech support has been slow because of holiday season and I was wondering if someone on the forum who has installed an RF Manager, can advise me on this?

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year to all.

Re: RF Manager, MSM415 sensors, MSM410 APs with MSM765zl

I have seen the Xerox issue as well with later code builds for MSM765zl and RF manager. Let me know if you need additional information.