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Radio Resource Management

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RRM Issue? 

Running two MSM760 in team @FW Two SSID's one WPA2 and one open whit HTML and AD sign in. Have 64 Access Points connected where everything is running at this school. Doing periods where no exams are on eight of them are disconnected. However, baseline is not created by RRM when AP’s are disconnected. Only possibility is to delete AP’s or keep them connected at all time. Both things is not accepted. Tried to put AP’s in “Administrative down” but RRM is still not able to run. Is this a bug or?


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Re: Radio Resource Management



I do remember there is a minimum of APs that need to be active for the baseline to be calculated.


Currently you need to have 99% of the ConfiguredAP to be active to be able to start the baseline compute.


The error message should be more explicit than just:

"Cannot start RRM analysis, please wait for the network to become complete. Estimated time to completeness and stabilization:"


The reasoning behind the 99% was the baseline with less AP up will not reflect the environment at the time the compute was done, let said with 1/8 of the AP on, versus when 99% of them are present. 

But I think personally 99% is a little bit excessive, it is not like the whole wifi network will be in havoc mode if the computation is not totally accurate, anyway the recompute of the baseline is run periodically, it is not a one time calc.


You can always open a case officially with HP support to have the idea of setting the threshold to be configurable, and of course a better error message!