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SPI and thumbnail image display issues

New Member

SPI and thumbnail image display issues

I have noticed that I have trouble displaying image thumbnails when I have SPI enabled on my Wireless 11n cable/dsl firewall router.

For example, when performing image searches in google image search, many times the thumbnails of images returned in the search will not be displayed. A place-holder is displayed instead.

When I disable SPI, the image thumbnails are all displayed in the results.

The symptoms are the same with two computers attached to my router.

There are many settings associated with SPI. I have no idea which one(s) might be causing the problem. Which SPI setting should I change?

Does anyone have any trouble-shooting suggestions?



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Re: SPI and thumbnail image display issues

Hello Greg

That sounds like an issue to me, and a pretty easy one to replicate. You should call the 3com support group and open a case with them as I have never heard of that issue. I am sure they will be able to replicate the issue and make recommendations to assist you or fix if it is an actual issue (it sounds to me like it is a real bug)

do you know what the part number of the Wireless 11n cable/dsl firewall you are using and what version of code your device is running ?