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Scheduled Guest Accounts not synced to MSM

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Scheduled Guest Accounts not synced to MSM

Hi everyone!


We are using an MSM720 Controller (Software version:, Hardware revision: J9694-60101:56) along with the Guest Management Software


When I create a new user account with an activation date in the future, the newly created user account is shown in the Guest Management Software with a pink color. In the MSM's web interface this user is not showing up yet. 


In the GMS manual it says: "Pink (Scheduled): Account is inactive, but scheduled for activation at the listed date and time."


The problem is that the activation of the user account is only happening when the Guest Management Software is running at or after the activation date/time. When I create an account for activation in 2 hours and then close the Software, the account is not created on the MSM and not activated once the activation date/time is reached. 


I then need to start up the software again and let it sync with the MSM. Then the user is created and everything is working fine. When I create a user with activation date/time "now" everything is working fine as well. The user account is synced to MSM and the user can login.


Is there any way to have scheduled user accounts activated without running the Guest Management Software at the time of activation?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Scheduled Guest Accounts not synced to MSM

Haven't seen that issue before, but I'd strongly recommend getting off the code, it was... awful. bump to or if you can.
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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: Scheduled Guest Accounts not synced to MSM

Hi Jesse!


Thanks for your reply.


I tried upgrading the firmware. Now running Software version: on the MSM.

The issue is still exactly the same. I start wondering if it is supposed to behave like that...