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Securing guest wireless devices with MSM710 Mobility Controller

Edward Avent
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Securing guest wireless devices with MSM710 Mobility Controller

Hi All,

I'm deploying 6x MSM410 Access Points and 1x MSM710 Mobility Controller in our office, and having some difficulties sufficiently securing connections on the "Guest" VSC I've setup. This VSC is for visitors who need internet access - connection itself is not encrypted and access is controlled via the public access interface when the user attempts to browse the web.


The issue I'm having is that after connection but before authentication, the device is able to contact and use our internal DNS servers, resolving addresses in our internal network. The device is unable to make any connection to internal devices, but it is still exposing our internal network further than I would like. Using a DHCP Relay configuration set on the VSC I'm able to specify an external DNS Server, however this doesn't help by itself as the MSM710 intercepts all DNS requests. I've tried switching off DNS interception but then nothing functions after connection is established. Does anyone have any suggestions to avoid this security concern while maintaining use of the public access interface.



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