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Slow multiple connections (MSM710 & MSM420 AP's)

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Slow multiple connections (MSM710 & MSM420 AP's)




Were fairly new to the HP wireless world. We upgraded a school from domestic Access Points to a MSM710 controller and MSM420 AP's, in the belief this would resolve their wireless issues.


For the past 6 months we believed this has been a perfect solution as all the black spots around the school have been eradicated and the wireless signal is always above 80%.


However recently the schools management team had a training session of 20 or so people in one classroom using iPads. Presumably these were connecting through one AP and most of the iPads could not connect to iTunes to downloads apps or access the internet. If I took them away and walked to the next AP the problem would be resolved and internet access was back to being nice and quick. I put this down to heavy traffic when using iTunes, but last week a netbook trolley of 16 devices had the same issue which meant about 10 couldn't even get passed the logon screen as it had slowed down considerably running the network logon scripts etc...


The network has a 1 GB backbone and this problem ironically didn't exist when we had domestic Access Points in position. Has anyone got any advice on what I can check? I believe we have the network configured for G/N but my laptop for instance only ever connects at 54Mbs, the AP's say there are configured for G/N and the profiles has all the wireless N options ticked... I'm assuming this may have something to do with it as it would potentially give me twice the bandwidth?


I'm look at this pretty blind as a complete novice on wireless controllers, so very grateful for any handy tips.


Many thanks


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Re: Slow multiple connections (MSM710 & MSM420 AP's)

What version of firmware are you running on your MSM710 controller?

When you're having these issues, do ping times to your local network resources get really bad?

If you have MSM 422 APs, remember that Radio 1 is 5Ghz and Radio2 is 2.4GHzz, but only Radio 1 support 802.11n. You will be stuck with 802.11b/h on Radio 2.



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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: Slow multiple connections (MSM710 & MSM420 AP's)

Many thanks for your reply. Software Version of the controller is I've not checked the ping time responce when this problems occurs. I'm onsite tomorrow and will try to replicate to see how it effects the results.


As for the radio frequency, this is showing my naivity... We have them all ticked as attached!? (Not all laptops in school are wireless N compatible so we do need to be able to connect via G too)


Thanks again for your time