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Re: Slow network performance MSM430

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Slow network performance MSM430

I have configured the MSM430 AP, he's on our internal network connected to a POE switch. He is with the software

I have about 6 users connected to the antenna, however access to the Internet and the internal communication network is very slow. I'm using the default settings of the antenna, no more option is enabled. In AP 8760 works very well my connection.

Any idea how I can get the cause of the problem?

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Re: Slow network performance MSM430

I'd first start by checking your AP configuration. Are you connecting over 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz to the AP? Are you sure you don't have issues with co-channel interface from neighboring wireless or APs? I would also do performance testing to your internal network instead of the internet (for now). I would definitely also test your latency (pings to your LOCAL network) in addition to your actual bandwidth/throughput. If you have horrible ping times, you're never going to see good wireless performance. Furthermore, excessive broadcasts on your wireless network will CRIPPLE it. So if your wireless networks are NOT segmented from each other and from the wired network, you can fight a losing battle. Also make sure to enable broadcast filtering on your VSCs too.

Poor wireless performance usually stems from co-channel interference, bad wireless drivers, poor firmware code, broadcasts, etc.
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