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Spectrum analysis & IDS In version 6.0.1


Spectrum analysis & IDS In version 6.0.1



     1.Will it show non Wi-Fi interference..? Eg interfernce due to blue tooth..I have MSM 720 with mobilty license but I am nt able to see any non WIFI signatures..


   2. Can I identify clients which connected to rogue devices..?


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David J Wood
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Re: Spectrum analysis & IDS In version 6.0.1

I should preface these comments by saying that I don't have a controller - I only use the MSM460 standalone. I may be ignorant of features only available in a controlled setup.



The only way I would expect you to detect non-WiFi interference is by a raised noise floor (i.e. a higher noise figure).


A client connecting to a rogue device is purely a matter for the client. If connection to a rogue device is unacceptable, you need to apply suitable administrative restrictions to the clients. To prevent trivial circumvention, for example by setting up a rogue AP with a trusted SSID, you'd need to use WPA(2)-Enterprise and have your network profiles set to testing for the CN of the RADIUS server's certificate and that the certificate was issued by a CA you trust. These are all standard features on Windows wireless profiles.



If you want the ability to sniff WiFi traffic to detect clients on rogue APs, you'd need a solution designed for this task, for example hardware that can collect raw 802.11 packets for later analysis by Wireshark or similar.


Re: Spectrum analysis & IDS In version 6.0.1



Thanks for reply.


We need controller.


with version 6 we will be able to detect clients connected to rogue APs.


Spectrum analysis and non wifi signature detection requires IMC 7 with WSM module.