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Suspicious state and wrong IP for APs

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Suspicious state and wrong IP for APs

Hi, all.


We have a MSM760 controller with a mixture of 422 and 460 APs for a total of 37. Lately I have noticed that various of our access points are becoming suspicious. I have looked at the diag info displayed on the controller and that hasn't helped. The only change we have recently made was adding a new SSID to the network and added about 6 new APs (none of which have gone into the suspicious state). I have also noticed (but I think it has been doing it since day 1) that the APs themselves get a management IP from any VLAN that is tagged or untagged at the AP interface on the switch. There are a total of 3 SSIDs on out network all with different VLANS and a management VLAN for the AP that is untagged for the AP. We are running firmware version


Does anyone have any suggestions to either of the problems? I don't necessarily think they are both related.





Re: Suspicious state and wrong IP for APs

u can set the AP to use static IP.. its easy to maintain..
but u need to make sure the correct untagged port configured at switch