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Syn Flood Problem with Google Image Search

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Syn Flood Problem with Google Image Search

Hi- Seems like I am having a Sym Flood problem with Google Image search on y 3COM 

<meta charset="utf-8" />3CRWER300-73 - when my Firewall is set to HIGH, no images are shown in the search results (just grey squares). When I set the router firwwall to MEDIUM, the images appear.

I tried changing the Maximum incomplete TCP/UDP sessions number from same host to 20 (from the default 10), but that did not help- I even raised it to 50- but no help. Only lowering the Firewall level to MEDIUM helps. 

Any tips/ideas how to stay at HIGH while still being able to see google images search thumbnails?


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Re: Syn Flood Problem with Google Image Search

Syn Flood is a type of DOS attack, in your case, this coudl jsut be an automated system by your ISP Proxies designed to check the connecting IP.  A work around could be:


1- Make sure your router Ping Reply is disabled.


2- This sounds liek your ISP has routing issues which causes such replies to you from Google, I don't get such messages when doing Google Image search and my forewall is always High.


3 - check what MTU is your connection using, Cable shodl use 1500, try reducing that to 1400



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