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Teaming MSM760 Controllers...experiences and questions

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Teaming MSM760 Controllers...experiences and questions

Hi all

We have two MSM760 controllers with premium mobility licenses. We are trying to team them together but we get very mixed results.

We use the Lan Port on both controllers which is set to the same subnet, on the same vLan. Both devices are set to the same time and timezone and country. Both running the latest firmware (

When we team them the web interface works normally for a few moments and then we lose the tree view on the left hand side and a lot of the AP configuration options on the top nav bar. Some screens tell us that AP devices are syncing. If we copy the link to show the configured APs and paste it in to the address bar we can view those but see that nearly all of them are unsync'd. Leaving them for hours doesn't get them syncing again.

They do sync if we break the team and keep one on the same IP. 

I'm told that HP really only support teaming when both configurations have been wiped back to factory default. That might be hard to do here as WiFi is in use 24/7 (hence why we want to get teaming configured in the first place).


Anyone got any experience of such issues when teaming two 760's?




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Re: Teaming MSM760 Controllers...experiences and questions

Hello !

There is no need to configure the controls. How is the status of the Team? Is there any error log?