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Uable to connect android devices

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Uable to connect android devices

Hello everybody actually I have a problem and I would like some help.

This is my scene, I have two controller msm760 firmware version 6.6.2 with 430 APs, actually I'm connecting both ports:

Lan port---- it Connect APs

Internet Port------ it Goes to Internet.

In this topology all works excellent, all the devices with differents operating systems work great,

But actually I would like to use only the LAN port because I want to enable teaming between both controller and I would like to stop using the INTERNET port because I only have one virtual ip to use and I need it to use in the LAN side, so I do these changes, teaming work great I don't have trouble with Internet, Wireless PC, phone with windows operating systems works great but the only devices can not browse on the Internet are devices using android, these devices with the last topology work great but when I change the topology can't access to Internet.

The news connection are

LAN port------ It connect Aps and I use it to route the traffic to Internet.

but the android devices can't access to internet, they get an ip address, the only change I did was stopping using the Internet port, I returned to the last topology and these android devices work fine.