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Undecided should I get a AP530 or a MSM335

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Undecided should I get a AP530 or a MSM335

Hi all,

I am planning on purchasing an ProCurve AP very soon but I don't know which model I should get.

These are the features are I am interested in.
- Radius Assigned VLAN(s)
- Web Authentication
- Wireless Distribution System (WDS)

I don't plan on having more than 2 access-points in my office. My office has two floors one upstairs and one downstairs for the design department.

I am going to be plugging both AP into an Ethernet port. As of right now the signal upstairs is not strong enough to reach the downstairs office, so the users downstairs don't have wifi.

I want the signal strong enough for me to walk downstairs and vice versa and still be connected to my hotspot.

I decided on getting the AP530 just because its cheaper but I noticed that it doesn't have any antennas and the MSM335 has the antennas built in.

If I decided to go with the AP530 would I need to purchase antennas or would it be fine without one?

Thanks for the responses


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Dan Giannetti
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Re: Undecided should I get a AP530 or a MSM335

A lot of variables can affect how far the signal will travl. Depending on the interference,obstructions and standard you set the device to(like 802.11b,g,or a) or signal distance will change. Looking at the AP530 it says you have the option to add external antennas to the device. The issue I see with the 530 is that it has an omnidirectional antenna which has the weakest singal above and below the plane. If you add the external antenna it would help though. Hopefully that helps