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Update from 5.7.3

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Update from 5.7.3

I have a Team environment with 2 MSM760 (5.7.3) controllers and 80 430/466 AP's.

Not sure if this is possible, have not found any documentation to support it.  But maybe someone has experience with this. Like to update one controller at a time to reduce/eliminate downtime.  Is it possible to only update one controller at a time while keeping the environment online?  Can both controllers be online with different firmwares?  Can one be put in standby to be updated then all AP's migrated to it then do the other?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Update from 5.7.3


Please see my post reply: https://community.hpe.com/t5/M-and-MSM-Series/3-MSM-760-controllers-teaming-Software-upgrade/m-p/6915788#M5004

From V6.6.2.0 release notes:

IMPORTANT: If your controller is not already running Version or or later, two-step upgrade must be performed. First upgrade your controller to Version or, and then as a second step, upgrade the controller to V6.6.0.0.

I went from 5.7.4.x I think, to and then Later went to and still there - No trouble.


You will upgrade both controllers at the same time by upgrading the team manager, and all the APs automatically.

Just do it after hours. You will need 1-2 hours downtime depending on how many APs you have. (490x AP need about 4 hours)

Good luck.