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V-M200 emits DHCP request with Wireless MAC address

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V-M200 emits DHCP request with Wireless MAC address

I've just bought two V-M200's and have configured my DHCP server to assign a specific IP-address to the V-M200 Ethernet MAC address (2C-41-38-28-5A-7B)  (according to instructions in "HP V-M200 802.11n Access Point Quickstart"). But DHCP fails, and when I take a Netmon trace on the DHCP server I can see that the V-M200 is sending a DHCP Request, but with the Wireless MAC address (28-92-4A-14-58-EC).

If I instead use the V-M200 Wireless MAC address in my DHCP server then the DHCP request succeeds and the V-M200 is assigned the correct IP-address. (See attached screen dump)

And if I start the other V-M200 and go into management tool Wireless / Rogue AP Detection / Configure Access Point List then I can see the SSID of the first V-M200 and its MAC address. And the MAC address listed there is the Wireless MAC address.


So the problem is not that the MAC addresses has been swiched on the label and in the management tool. It is the "Pre-configure the DHCP server" instructions in  "HP V-M200 802.11n Access Point Quickstart" that are incorrect. One should use the Wireless MAC address instead of the Ethernet MAC address.

But then one can wonder, why is there an Ethernet MAC address when it's not being used.


Perhaps this is a known problem which has been fixed in the firmware, but it seems like one has to buy a support contract to get access to fw updates, which I don't feel like I should have to do to get new products working.