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V-M200 port 1800 connections / Debug session login?

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V-M200 port 1800 connections / Debug session login?



I'm using a V-M200 access point with firmware and so far it's been working fine. But there's one issue I discovered recently: The log of my firewall (IpCop v2.1.2) is flooded with periodical attempts once a minute by the access point to connect to port 1800 on the wireless gateway ip address of the firewall. The source port is 32768. I use just a basic wireless setup with static ip addresses and without VLAN, WDS, CDP, LLDP, Radius, 802.1x, SNMP, etc.
The only obvious services I use are SNTP time synchronization and bridge STP on untagged ports, but disabling these services did not solve this issue. Does anyone have a clue what might cause these connections?


When trying to find any useful information on this issue in the system log/tools section myself, I've stumbled upon the "Start debug session" function in the system tools section. After running a debug session, the system log indicates that this starts a local ssh server which is listening on port 22.  Though I was able to connect to the device via ssh, I couldn't login due to missing ssh username/password. As there is no information about this in the manual, I've tried various login combinations (admin/mypassword, admin/admin, admin/empty, root/mypassword, root/root, root/empty, etc.) but none of them did work. The user "admin" with which I login to the web interface doesn't seem to be a vaild user for ssh access as the log states "illegal user admin from [ipaddress]". So I guess it has to be root or something completely different. Anyone knows how to login to the debug session?


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Re: V-M200 port 1800 connections / Debug session login?

Hi there,


You may trying the following to resolve your login issue.


1. backup the configuration.

2. reset to factory default.

3. now login with admin/admin user name & password.

4. clear the log entries

4. update the latest software as it has many fixes and monitor it for further issues.


refer to HP V-M200 802.11n Access Point Quickstart guide for more info:




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Re: V-M200 port 1800 connections / Debug session login?

Hello ir0nman,

Have you solved the issue on port 1800?  I've been handed the same product which i am recycling now and i'm running on the same issue as yours re port 1800 flooding my firewall.  Can't find any solution on the net even from HP website.