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V-M200 with RADIUS authentication

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V-M200 with RADIUS authentication

Hi, I have a problem with RADIUS authentication using V-M200. It literally does not want to work with RADIUS.
On the RADIUS (NPS) Server event viewer says:

Event ID 13, Source NPS, A RADIUS message was received from the invalid RADIUS client IP address x.x.x.x

Related system events on the AP are:

debug eapolserver Sending EAPOL (frame-length='22') EAP Failure (length='4',id='18') to station (mac-address='00-16-EA-DD-99-6A').
debug eapolserver Aborting RADIUS Packet (Code:'Access-Request',Id:'164').
When I connected Cisco AP1131 with the same configuration, it worked with no issues: the same security level, the same policies, the same certificates etc. The only difference was the ip address of AP client. So, I guess there are no problems with NPS or AD policy.


Any suggestions?


Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: V-M200 with RADIUS authentication



As you say "the only difference is the IP address" and you get the error message "invalid RADIUS client ip address", can you double check that you have added the V-M200 as a RADIUS client in the NPS the same way as you've added the Cisco AP1131?


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Re: V-M200 with RADIUS authentication

Thank you very much for your attention.

However, the message in event viewer is "A RADIUS message was received from the invalid RADIUS client ip address x.x.x.x" meaning that the client has the ip address x.x.x.x and it sent invalid message.

I definitely registered new RADIUS client, I guess it is obvious that when you add new client or replace existing with new settings, you configure RADIUS client settings on the RADIUS server.

The issue is definitely HP device related, maybe there is some additional authentication parameters that has to be added. It is not my first AP and I never ever had any issues like this with Procurve E series or WX controllers. It is the first model that has authentication issue.


 p.s. The software version is; it is the latest one.

p.p.s This device is a bit odd, for instance it does not allow to use 802.11n network in case of WEP or WPA/TKIP authentication

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Re: V-M200 with RADIUS authentication

I managed to configure several APs to work with radius with multiple wireless communities. Problem is indeed with software on that AP but I manage to solve it by configuring wireless mode to b/g. When it's configured to n mode it's not working :|

here are parts of my configuration...

software on AP:

Radio configuration:

Screenshot from 2013-02-28 10:09:46.jpg

Radius profile:

Screenshot from 2013-02-28 10:10:41.jpg

Wireless community configuration:

Screenshot from 2013-02-28 10:11:13.jpg