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VLAN configuration

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VLAN configuration

The manual shows that we can have 2 VLAN configurations for users and guests.  The example they give is that users are on VALN 10 and can see everything whereas guest could be on VLAN 20 for internet access only. 


Great idea, exactly what I'd like to create,  but apart from enabling VLAN and assigning an ID, where do I then configure the 2 access criteria?



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Re: VLAN configuration

The VLANs need to be configured on all the switches & access points which will have the VLAN separation, and then the actual work to allow both VLANs to share the Internet connection is typically done with a gateway router, a layer 3 core switch, or perhaps a firewall (I use an old Cisco PIX which just keeps on going...). In its simplest configuration, two switch ports, each with one of the two VLANs 'untagged' would be connected to two separate DSL modems or other internet connections.

I guess in summary, you need to learn about VLANs and implement them on most or all of your network, not just a wireless access point. The rest depends on how large your network is, what kind of equipment you have running it, and whether you need the Guest network available in more than one location, etc.

Good luck...