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VLANs and Teaming


VLANs and Teaming

We had just bench prepped a wireless network configuration with a single MSM760 Controller - it was a spare we have for our own use but we wanted a head start.


All was set up and configured exactly as the customer required - Controller managing DHCP for the Guest wireless clients, VLANs and routes set up to keep it all separate - guest traffic tunneled back to the core switch for management and routing - corporate traffic assigned local addresses when authenticated - all Perfect.


The 2 controllers landed and once we teamed them all access to the necessary configuration components disappeared so a re-design is required.  There are 90APs to be provisioned and the customer requies redundancy.


Our original configuration used an Ingress VLAN for the guest VSC which then allowed us to route all the traffic for that VSC to the appropriate Gateway via the internet port.  It also allowed us to use the controller for DHCP on this VSC by configuring it to listen only to requests on the client data tunnel.  This kept Corporate and Guest wireless traffic separate and prohibited Guest access to LAN resources.


The issue with Teaming is that it has a number of limitations.  The key ones in our case are that you cannot use the Ingress VLAN setting and the controller cannot be set up as DHCP server.


We have already attempted to configure the controller as a DHCP relay with a second scope on our DHCP server and by using Egress VLANs however we are unable to force the Guest VSC to use the DHCP relay server scope as configured. 


Has anyone come across this issue in the past and if so how did you resolve it?


I will be raising a ticket with HP support on this but thought that I would ask here in the interim period as you guys have been helpful in the past - more helpful with strange requests any way