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VMT 5.3.1 can't connect to MSM760

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VMT 5.3.1 can't connect to MSM760

Because of using new HP MSM320s in our network (Firmware revision: we had to upgrade the MSM750 to Software version, too.

Since that, the Visitor Management Tool (VMT), Version (build 115) cannot connect to the controller MSM760 anymore.

When repairing connection, error "firmware not supported" appears.

On HP IT Ressource System, no new VMT can be found. Where can I get the patch?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Joerg




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Tim Maxwell
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Re: VMT 5.3.1 can't connect to MSM760

You'll have to contact HP and get the latest version of the Guest Management Software. They've changed the location of all of the updates and patches.