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VMT software not communicating properly with MSM765


VMT software not communicating properly with MSM765

We've just bought the ProCurve Guest Management/VMT software (v5.3.1) to manage accounts on our MSM765 (v5.3.4) but are having problems with the initial setup.

When trying to add the service controller to VMT it errors out with "Certificates could not be retrieved from the Service Controller. Make sure that the SOAP TCP port settings match on both the Service Controller and VMT" - they do match, but I also see in the release notes this could mean the HTTPS connection has failed.

The error in the MSM765 management console is:

Feb 23 16:02:08 warning websoap Error accepting SSL connection. FaultString : SSL_ERROR_SSL error:140890B2:lib(20):func(137):reason(178), Details : SSL_accept() failed in soap_ssl_accept()

...and the error in the VMT event log is:

getSoapCert: Failed to get certificates. java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: recv failed.

Management is enabled on the correct interfaces and the correct VLANs, I've also tried disabling the firewall on both the VMT host and the MSM765 as well as disabling AV on the VMT host, but it makes no difference.

Anyone seen this before or got any ideas on how to resolve this?



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Re: VMT software not communicating properly with MSM765

call the support, you need software update for this.
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Re: VMT software not communicating properly with MSM765

Another possibility would be to have installed the VMT already once with this controller and changed the SOAP certificate on the controller to one of your own thereafter.

The VMT installs its own certificate on the controllers, and obviously if that certificate is changed after then the VMT is not able to communicate/build the secure connection to the controller.