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Version for the M200 is available

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Version for the M200 is available

Version for the M200 802.11n Access Point has been posted. 


Release notes are not yet available.  I am hoping to be able to post them next week.


I know that many don't want to use new versions without release notes.  However, for those that are having issues and don't mind not having the release notes, we have made the software available.


We have feedback that many of the connectivity issues that were reported are resolved with this release.  I expect that it will not solve everyone's issues, but it will help many.


If you have questions, please let me know in a private message.  I will expect that you have a support case open and that you can provide me with the case number.


Thank you.



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Re: Version for the M200 is available

Where's the changelog? IS there any attempt to fix dropping client? If so then they had fail because I experienced it on the first day using the new firmware.


I won't bother to open ticket because they treated me like I was a thief!! On top of that, no applogize was given to me.