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WDS between 2 V-M200 error

Fernando Garcia_3
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WDS between 2 V-M200 error

Hi there, this is probably a very silly question but i'm not able  to set up a wds link connection between 2 V-m200. I feel very frustrated. I followed the managment and configuration guide example step by step 

But i realized it's incomplete or has errors.

in section 

C. Setup the WDS link on V-M200 #2 :

I cannot put the same MAC address as the local..the i tried the  V-M200 #1 -make sense ..isn't it?- but whenever i tried to set the wdsl inks appears this message:

v-m200 The security settings cannot be changed because this WDS group is used by a VLAN interface.

what???  I'm not using any vlan at all. I just want to make a simple WDS. 

I did not find where to change this nor docs related


Any help is appreciated.