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WLAN Controller Compatibility

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Travis Truax

WLAN Controller Compatibility

We have a bunch of radio port 220's and a
Wireless Edge Services zl Module (J9051A) we bought about 2.5 yrs ago, but for an obnoxious reason I'd rather not get into they were never installed. Now there's an updated zl module -
the E-MSM765zl Mobility Controller (J9370A).

I can't find any mention of compatibility, but it doesn't look like these newer controllers will talk to the radio ports we have. Is that right?

It seems pretty ridiculous that getting a newer controller would require all new APs - that communicate on the same speeds with mostly the same features....

Frequent Advisor

Re: WLAN Controller Compatibility

Hi Travis,

The newer MSM series access points and controllers used to be Colubris Networks, which HP purchased a couple of years ago. Because it is such a different system, there is no backward compatability with Wireless Edge Service Module or radios.

Travis Truax

Re: WLAN Controller Compatibility

Thanks Bob. That answers that, albeit a frustrating answer.

I've been working in this industry long enough that I know this stuff changes fast, but I don't remember working with any other top shelf network hardware that went from "the solution" to "I've never heard of that" so quickly. That was about $15,000 down the drain.

Thanks for the info.