M and MSM Series

Waiting for acceptance


Waiting for acceptance

Hi all,


Implemented change: move excisting SSIDs (2) from one subnet to another.
1. Renamed "SSID1" to "SSID1old" > save
2. Renamed "SSID2" to "SSID2old"
3. Renamed "TEST1" (dummy for testing) to "SSID1".

4. Renamed "TEST2" (dummy for testing) to "SSID2".
Tested the change with a collegue on two different laptops. Connection on both SSIds
got established. Connection to Internet, opened a few pages, just fine.


Problem 1:
The following morning got some reports from users they were not able to get connected to the
wireless network for the both SSIDs.
Users of the untouched SSID  INTERNAL had no problems connecting or otherwise !!!!


Problem 2:
After reloading the MSM765zl module to try solve problem 1 the APs remained in state "Waiting for acceptance".
Other state "Not responding".


Partial workaround, reset two APs to factory setting. They did get synchronized.
However they acquire an ip-address from the wrong dhcp-range.
From a client Vlan instead of the management vlan.
Reset  done a few times, same result. 


I 've read a few other post concerning this state "Waiting for acceptance" but the last time I upgraded was 07/nov/2012.


Has anyone encountered this and know how to solve this?


MSM765zl module, firmware

APs connected to 2910al directly connected to 5412zl with WLC