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What does Radio status pending actually mean?

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What does Radio status pending actually mean?

I get a lot of "radio status pending" (the radio symbol is faded) while viewing the synchronized APs page.  What does this actually mean?  Every morning there are a few APs that have died, mainly MSM 317s and I have to turn on/off the POE on the switch port to get the AP to come back.  Do you think this could be a network related issue or a MSM controller issue.  Does the network issue (ex. broadcast floods) cause the controller to lose connection with the AP?  If there is power at the switch for the AP why does it not come back on it's own?  Once it has died does the AP stop trying to communicate with any controller on it's network?  Are the clients connected to an AP with faded radioes still actually connected?  Is anyone else seeing this on their controllers?  Thanks

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Re: What does Radio status pending actually mean?



I've had tons of issues with the 430s getting stuck in Pending.... See link above.


Have several cases open with HP about this for various customers.




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