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Re: Whats wrong with my MSM710?

Marcel Kerkvliet
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Whats wrong with my MSM710?

Hi folks,

Just trying to get some different configs to work for a couple of days right now, and getting a little frustrated :)

I have a MSM710 Mobility controller and a MSM422 AP.
I were able to configure access to my network through te accesspoint with different type's of encryption. But still having much problems to get it work with 802.1x and the build in Radius server (this should be possible isnt it??).

As one of the actionplan's I started reading the configuration guide (Yes I know, should have started with that :) ) to setup one of the most basic configurations. I wanted to have every associating client to be presented the build-in logon website to use a localy configured account.

I havent been able to get this basic configuration working and I really started thinking something is wrong with my MSM710 controller. At one point in the configuration guide they wrote I should be able to configure some things about the logon page for public access. They point to "Service Controller >> Public access > Web content > Site options." as part of some configuration possibility but the "Web content" part is missing in my device.

I really think this should be a firmware issue, but didnt expect that because I've purchased the device just a couple of weeks ago.

My firmware version is at :
Is this a old one or not?

Somewere on this forum I read about the need of some sort of a support contract to get new software etc. But this device should at least give me te possibilities they mention at the manual, and it Isn't right now.

Could someone please check the availability of the "webcontent" part and also check the firmware version in his device for me?


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Trevor Commulynx
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Re: Whats wrong with my MSM710?

Are you running DHCP on the controller? for the Device to intercept and present the Login, I have always found you need DHCP running on your public access configuration.

5.2.6 is a little bit old. the latest 5.3.3.xx.