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Where do I get antennas for HP 425 Access Point?

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Where do I get antennas for HP 425 Access Point?



Do I need antennas for HP 425 Wireless Dual Radio 802.11 Access Point (JG654A) to get better signal?




Where can I buy this antenna and how much does it costs?


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Re: Where do I get antennas for HP 425 Access Point?

Hi Chris


You can install external antennas, but you don't specifically need them. By far most of the implementations don't use them.


It seems you're not getting the performance you expect out of your wireless. I doubt the problems are caused by the antennas. What is causing them is a different question. There is a very large number of factors that can cause wireless performance or connectivity issues.


If this is a new implementation, I'd suggest you talk to the reseller. If they also provide consulting service, they are in the best position to help you to optimize your wireless network. Please note that upgrading the wireless (for example from WESM solution to current HPN offering) also should be considered a new implementation - the new APs are vastly more capable than older models which often causes surprises.


If this implementation has been running already for a time with this hardware and problems have been developing fairly recently, call support.


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