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Which antenna for MSM466

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Which antenna for MSM466

Been at this for a better part of the afternoon. I purchased two new MSM466s and realized I forgot to order antennas however ordering aforementioned antennas have been proven to be quite a challenge. 


I have it narrowed down to two parts

J9171A - which has a red, blue and green antenna connector matching perfectly with one antenna on the MSM466, meaning I'd have to order 4 total.


J9659A - which has 3x black leads and 3x blue leads. Doesn't match up color wise but from reading (hopefully correctly) I'd plug in 3 blacks into antenna one and 3 blues into antenna two on my MSM466, meaning I'd only have to order 2 units. 


My biggest concern is regarding J9659As lack of color coded antennas and if there is a compatibility problem. Is my assesment correct and can I order 2 J9659As and call it a day?

Davy Priem
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Re: Which antenna for MSM466

I have several MSM466 and J9659A. You only need to make sure that the three blue antenna leads are connected to the 5ghz radio and the back leads to the 2.4Ghz.