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Which pro curve AP to choose ?

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Which pro curve AP to choose ?

Hi all

I'd like to give wireless to one of my meeting room.

i have therefore some questions, as this is the very first time i deploy wireless for my company.
i intend to use 802.1x with radius and AD,with a guest vlan and a prod vlan.

my very is first question is :

which shall i choose ?
my need is to provide wireless conectivity only in this meeting room.
there are plenty of HP APs, i'm lost in this jungle...

The AP will be plug on the edge of my network, and i'd like to keep the routing on my network core.

in the future i plan to buy a wireless controler box (MSM 710), shall i buy it the the same time anyway ?

thanks very much for your answers


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Re: Which pro curve AP to choose ?

no replies...


i'll find out by myself...

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Re: Which pro curve AP to choose ?

All APs are suitable, but it will depend on your needs and the kind of clients you want to accomodate (11 a, g, n, all of that at once). You will HAVE to buy a controller now in order to benefit from the AD integration.