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Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects on 2012 MacBook


Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects on 2012 MacBook



People who have newer Mac Books are experiencing problems with our 35 access point MSM system.  What they are experiencing is described in the following link; (the link also has a solution, which leads to my question for this agust group)




Cut to the chase; 

The new Macs have a feature called Power Nap that is actually an Intel chip level power saving system.  This is shutting off the wireless chip long enough so that the HP MSM410 and MSM430 access points are disassociating the laptop.


Is there some way to lengthen the keep alive for our access points?  This is the time that the system waits before dropping a wireless client?  Is this a function of the access point or the controller (ours is a MSM760)? 


I have been through the documentation and the CLI manuals and can not find any mention of this function.


The solution in the article referenced above is to purchase other access points (Apple seems to work).  Not really an option.




Craig Lyndes

St Albans City School