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WiFi Controller & ChromeCast

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WiFi Controller & ChromeCast

We have a MSM760 Wifi Controller within our enterprise.

We have 49 Access pointe E-MSM430 connected and working perfectly.

All users conect and get an IP from our DHCP (Same range)

I noticed a weird behavior with our ChromeCast devices.

When my SmartPhone, PC, Tablet, NOtebook are conected to the same Access POint with the ChromeCast i will not be able to discover the ChromeCast inside the ChromeCast APP

When i move away to any other location within the building and connect my Smartphone to a diffrent Accesspoint i will be able to see the ChromeCast device within the ChromeAPP.

ChromeCast with any device using the same Accesspoint do not communicate.
Chromecast with any device using diffrent accesspoint can communicate perfectly.

What could be the reason?

I tried to connect the ChromeCAst using diffrent TVs and diffrent locations and Accesspoints with diffrent channels, same behavior.

SNMP system name: WIFI_CONTROLLER Software version: Hardware revision: B:48 Serial number: SG2493N2JP

If you need any further information please let me know.

Thank you in advanced.

Davy Priem
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Re: WiFi Controller & ChromeCast

I think it's because you limite traffic between clients (option under VSC), you don't tunnel traffic and your switches allow communication between the ports on which access points are connected.