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Wireless Access Points recomendations

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Wireless Access Points recomendations

We are getting ready to build a new facility and would like to install WAPs throughout the building. The building will be approximately 26000 sq feet downstairs and 24000 sq feet upstairs. I am looking for basically 1 "master" device and several "repeaters." I do not want to have to configure each AP, I just want all but one accesspoint to relay the signal, I do not want a module to put in my switch either. I need 2 SSIDs, one that can be authenticated and gain access to the corporate network and another for guest that will be able to just be able to get on the Internet.

Re: Wireless Access Points recomendations

hi chris, i think if i dont't wanna use a switch controller module you may choose a external MSM module, you can look at the new procurve portfolio MSM 710, MSM 730 and MSM 750, for the controllers, there's the mobility version for support to layer 3 roamming and there's the access version without layer 3 roamming beside that all the features are equal, the MSM-710 for 10 AP´s the MSM 730 for 50 AP's and the MSM 750 for 200 AP´s and that's the options you have for the controllers. For the AP's you have a lot of option too, you can choose from single/dual/tri radio and from a/b/g/n, you have also outdoor options in Procurve portfolio so now is to you decide the best option for your interests, i can help you choose the right AP and explain some features of the AP.