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Wireless Mesh 765zl/msm-422/msm-320

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Wireless Mesh 765zl/msm-422/msm-320

I'm trying to do a 5ghz wireless point to point link with the 765zl controller using the MSM-320 as the master and a MSM-422 with an external antenna as the slave/alternate master. It looks like everything is meshing fine in the overview>local mesh links (they see each other and are connected), but when I unplug the ethernet line from the MSM-422 poe.  The MSM-422 2nd antenna light goes crazy and then I get the two blinking lights (power and LAN).


I have some suspicions:


1. Some how the antenna 2/local mesh is not bridging with antenna 1.

2. Some how the ethernet being plugged in forces the route to the controller as ethernet only rather then the wireless mesh.


I could be wrong.


Any suggestions?