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Wireless Router drops sync with Vista laptops

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Wireless Router drops sync with Vista laptops


I have had a 3CRWE 754G72-A Wireless router now for a few years without problems on XP laptops, but in the last few months whenever anyone with a Vista laptop is on my wifi it drops the sync about three times when the laptop is starting and again when it is shutdown. This happens on two laptops both with Vista but neither of the XP laptops causes this problem - so I don't think it is the wireless drivers. Tried an update of the router software but made no difference and anyway - the update is 2005 when Vista wasn't out, so obviously it would sort the issue. I have read about changing the registry but I'm worried about fiddling with regedit.

Any help/advice gratefully received.


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Re: Wireless Router drops sync with Vista laptops

Hi Andy

What if you conenct the Vista in Ethernet Mode ? Not using Wireless ?

This is a very old router and I am surprised that it still gets Sync on your line with all the updates that were done on DSLAMs  since it's days.

If Ethernet works, connect another AP to the LAN of the  router and let your Vista users use that SSID.

Good Luck.

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....