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Wireless card can't link to available SSID

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Wireless card can't link to available SSID

Wireless card can't link to available SSID


I have a 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g PC Card (3CRWE154G72 OC WLAN 11G PC CARD 256bit) that is meant to connect through the 3Com OfficeConnect wireless utility software supplied. It identifies a number of SSID in the area through the site search. All the link information and shared secret key (PSK) appear correct for our home broadband wireless router (EchoLife HG520s) and the signal strength is 100%.

The software is continually trying to connect (says it's 'aquiring network address' on the windows wireless network connection status) but it always fails and then starts again.

The light is on for the WLAN and only flickers occassionally along with the LAN2 & 3 and internet. The card lights are on for the Link and irregularly for the activity. When i connect with a cable to the router it works fine.

Please can anyone help?!

Thanks Jonny