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Wireless problem with handheld motorola

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Wireless problem with handheld motorola

Hi all


I have a problem in a warehouse of auto parts.


I have :


-6 AP msm 466 with 2 HP Indoor-Outdoor Narrow Sector Dual Band 8/10dBi MIMO 3 Element Antenna

-2 AP msm 430 omni

-1 mobility controller 760 premium

-2 switch v1910 PoE+


This infrastructure is distributed in some corridors and i have a central MDF.
The problem is some times in a week, handheld motorola disconnect from network and remote desktop with the activity of part scans are too much. the network is too slow and dont connecto to the server quickly.

I test the configuration and dont see any strange.

I have a old wireless network cisco and with i connect the handheld to this network dont have any problem.

what msm AP disconnect handheld very much.???



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Re: Wireless problem with handheld motorola



Handhelds can be a bit tricky. I think your best option here is calling support so we can have a look at what exactly is going on.


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Re: Wireless problem with handheld motorola


I once troubleshoot a similar problem with Denso scanner (with cisco old AP works fine but not with MSM460).

I found the Denso scanner has trouble in 2.4ghz with channel above 4.

So I recommended the customer to use channel 1 and the Denso scanners are very happy.

The root cause was the oscillator used in the scanner is not as stable within the spec of 802.11 i.e. +-20ppm, the clock error increased as we increase in channel/frequency.

Not sure if it is the same problem as you but just wanted to share my info I have had regarding scanner issue.