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Wireless site to site (E-msm466)

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Wireless site to site (E-msm466)

Two E-msm466 AP have been mounted on two buildings with external antennas and configured with static IP adresses in the same subnett, I have configured both to use our domain DNS server. Via weblogin under tools, I can use the Ping util and manage to ping from one AP to the other and vise versa, but I am not able to ping anything behind theese AP.

The radio have been set up in AP and local mesh mode.

Local mesh profile configured with AES/CCMP security and addressing set up with remote MAC address, no policy. Do I need Local mesh?

VLAN configured with same ID and each others static IP addresses. Do I need VLAN?

Added one network profile attached to the VLAN.

I am not receiving DHCP when connecting client computers behind the second AP.

Is there an easy check list to verify the installation?

All computers should be connected to the same servers and domain.



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Odd A. Nilsen

Re: Wireless site to site (E-msm466)

It seems like you dont need a vlan config on your APs, what if your remove the vlan config on them, and untagg the vlan on the switchports connected to the APs and clients?