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accessing a brand-new MSM460

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accessing a brand-new MSM460



I am trying to have a web-access to a MSM460, just out of his box.

when I use http, I have a message asking me to have a https connection.

with the https connection, I have the error message ssl_error_unsupported_version

with a ssh connection, this is OK.

I think that my firmware is rather old, : Firmware Version:

how can I update it? or is there a way to get rid off the ssl_error_unsupported_version ?






Re: accessing a brand-new MSM460


Probably the web server of the AP with this version still supports SSLv3 which is not supported by the latest versions of the browsers. If your browser allows you to enable SSLv3 you can test by enabling it. 

Another option is to use an old browser version. You can search for Opera 9.20.  In the config settings of Opera search for "OCSP Validate Certificates" and uncheck it. With this settings you should be able to open the GUI and possibly make and update if SW support is available.

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Re: accessing a brand-new MSM460

I have a very simpel short question:
What POE do you need to use in order to power the AP? (MSM460)
I just got a J9407A. But when i plug it in, no lights are on the AP, there is just one brief green blink on the backside of the AP where the reset button is...
The AP is new and has never been used before.

I just need to know, do i have the correct POE or what am i doing wrong?