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factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

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factory default setting for E-MSM320-R


Please, help me!

I have 4 HP Procurve E-MSM320-R, one of them I forgot IP adress, try to reset settings to factory default with Script: MSMRemote-en.bat, nothing work! How I can reset all settings to factory default???


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Re: factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

Can I take this

Script: MSMRemote-en.bat?



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Re: factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

TFTP Procedure


Here is a short description of how to TFTP a firmware image onto a Colubris/HP device.                     


1.  Attach a CROSSOVER LAN cable from a PC to the LAN connector of the AP/AC (or use a HUB with straight-through cables.  Do not attach any cable to the Internet port of the AP/AC.


2.  Statically assign an IP address to the PC on subnet 192.168.1.x, in the range of .2 - .254


3.  Depress the reset button with a tool such as a straightened paper clip and hold it until you notice a slow flashing followed by a fast flashing in unison of all of the LEDs.  Once you see the fast flashing you are now in BOOT mode, you can let go of the button.


4.  On the PC, open a command window and type the following commands from the directory in which you saved the startup firmware xxx.cim.startup.


  1. arp -d


  1. ping  (this should work.  Otherwise, see troubleshooting below).


  1. tftp  -i   put  xxx.cim.startup   image


The transfer should take less than 10 seconds to complete during which time the LAN LED will indicate activity.


You can confirm that the firmware is being flashed on the AP/AC by seeing two distinct sets of flashing LEDs, the second one being much longer duration than the first.  Give the AP/AC ample time to reboot (3 minutes to be sure).


5.  Perform a factory reset of the AP/AC by depressing the reset button and holding until the slow, in unison flashing of the LEDs occurs, and release the button.  Do not wait for the fast flashing as you did in step 3, or this will place you back into Boot mode.  If this happens, simply wait 2 minutes and the AP/AC will restart itself.  In this case, you’ll need to repeat this step.


6.  On the PC, ping the AP/AC using the command:  ping  


The AP/AC should now be in the same state as when it is shipped from our warehouse.



If you cannot ping the AP while it’s in BOOT mode there can be only a few


    - your cable is faulty or not a CROSSOVER cable

    - you are not in BOOT mode

    - you don't have a statically assigned address your PC in the correct address range

(use ipconfig /all look at the interface attached to your AP and confirm that you have a valid  IP address (192.168.1.x,  should be statically configure in the range of .2 - .254))



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Re: factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

Good evening,


If you have physical access to the devices and cannot get into it over the wire...

you can open the case (you can purchase a security bit at your local hardware store) and push and hold the reset button on the board till the lights cycle 3 times...

Also you can always employ wireshark to sniff for traffic over a physically connected cable




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Re: factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

In the case of the antenna MSR320-r will have to open the lid and use the internal reset button. Inside you will find 2 more network ports, one console, next to the button will reset the antenna. Hold for 10 seconds and is ready to use. Good luck.


best regards


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Re: factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

Hi all


If your Ruggedised AP (MSMxxx-R) is still under warranty, please do NOT open the box. There are no user-serviceable parts, so this will immediately invalidate your warranty. If you have problems restoring factory defaults, please contact your local support center.


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Re: factory default setting for E-MSM320-R

hi all,

I'm sorry for waking up such old thread but unfortunately I can't find any link or anything to find this factory default resetting script.

if someone find more convenient to send it by the email instead of posting link I would find it useful too - rmoldaliev[at]cogniance.com

thanks in advance.