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help MSM 313 error assigning VLAN ID from Radius

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help MSM 313 error assigning VLAN ID from Radius

Hey guys,

My MSM 313 does not assign a VLAN ID learned by Radius.

I have 4 VLANs setup on my MSM access point
01 - Default
02 - Authentication
10 - User A access
11 - User B access
12 - User C access

My LAN port on my MSM313 connects to my ProCurve 2910al nothing is connected to my WAN port.

I have setup Radius to assign VLAN ID's to my MSM313 and provide authentication.

When I setup a static SSID to VLAN for example SSID User A Engresses to VLAN 10 that works fine. But when I set it up to go through 802.1x it wont assign me a VLAN ID.

This is how I set it up
SSID: Access VSC Engress: 2

I setup several remote access policies which are set to tag users with their VLAN ID. When user A logs into the MSM and gets authenticated via IAS, MSM does not tag them with a VID of 10. It gives me an error stating unable to assign VID 10 to MAC.

Has anybody gotten the same issue I have got?


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